Even though Michigan State lost to the Indiana University Hoosiers on Nov. 19, red shirt sophomore Maliq Carr marked a major milestone in his career.

The tight end said he had some family pressure to get that touch down.

“My little brother told me not to talk to him until,” Carr said. “My baby brother’s about eight.”

Carr has six siblings, and his father is the head football coach at Grand Valley State University. He said seeing his father have his own football program made Carr understand things from a coach’s perspective.

“He made me see coaching perspectives, like when I was getting mad at coaches, you know, cause everybody gets mad at a coach at a certain point,” said Carr. “It’s like he made me understand why they do certain things and how I should respond to ’em.”

Peggy Carr, Maliq’s mother, also has her own athletic background, with a national championship title against the University of Tennessee.

Maliq says she has everyone beat in terms of athletic skill.

“She’s number one. I mean, national championship on college the highest it goes in the family,” Maliq said with a smile.

MSU gave Maliq the chance to be a dual-athlete, playing basketball in addition to football, which influenced his choice to become a Spartan.

To hear about Carr’s experience being coached by Tucker and his experience joining the WWE Next In Line program, watch the video in the player above.