EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — For Michigan State wrestler Rayvon Foley, his faith is what has driven him on and off the wrestling mat for the past six years.

The Pioneer High School alum chuckled, saying that he didn’t think he’d been in school for six years, but in his opinion, it has been a great time.

“It’s been a blessing. I think that I’ve seen so much over these past couple of years and learned so much,” said Foley. “The program has evolved so much and I’m just so proud of what we built.”

When Foley arrived in East Lansing, he wanted to be the best wrestler he could be.

“So I kind of expected by now to be a champ, all that type of stuff,” Foley reflected. “Things haven’t quite worked out like that, but I have performed at a pretty high level.”

In fact, in Foley’s freshman year, he made it to the NCAA Championships, but he said that since then, he has learned and improved a lot.

“I’ve gotten a lot better. I’m just thankful to God and my family for just the support of the coaches,” Foley said. “How they’ve pushed me and my teammates pushing me every day to be able to do what I’m doing.”

In addition to wrestling, Foley is a part of the group MSU Athletes in Action. The group is comprised of Christian athletes who meet and learn about Jesus and grow their faith in God. He joined after getting invited to the group by fellow athletes.

The Ann Arbor native’s relationship with God developed throughout college.

“At one point, I probably didn’t really believe in God, you know? I probably had a million different ideas of what God could be,” he said.

Foley expressed his gratitude for the group and the connections he’s fostered through MSU’s Athletes in Action.

In terms of wrestling prowess, Rayvon said growing his faith has taken some stress off of his plate. Instead of worrying about what others think of him, he’s concerned with what God thinks of him.

“I’m able to enjoy the sport way more because it’s not necessarily about winning,” Foley said. “It’s about showing how powerful God is and how much he’s been able to give me, you know, this gift of wrestling.”

Though Foley does struggle with being hard on himself, he helped the Spartans rank on the Coches’ Poll at No. 21.