EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Multiple people within Michigan State’s marching band have tested positive for COVID-19 since returning from last week’s Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl.

The State of Michigan is seeing the most COVID cases at any point during the pandemic.

Students in the band, just like all MSU students, are required to be vaccinated.

Here’s what 6 News knows about their trip.

Multiple people who traveled with the band told 6 News that MSU tried to take a number of measures to prevent this.

Everybody within the band was given medical grade N95 masks as they got on the buses to travel, and the band stayed at a hotel in Atlanta that had its own masking mandates.

A source within the band told 6 News that anybody with symptoms of any illness were encouraged to stay home.

We were told that few people chose that option.

According to Ingham County Health officer Linda Vail, in order to be officially qualified as an outbreak, it must be confirmed that the transmission of the cases went from one member of the band to another.

Vail says because of the extremely high case rates right now and just how easily the omicron variant can spread, at this time there is no proof to show that it definitively went from one band member to another, so her office is not classifying it as an outbreak.

6 News is told the band all drove down to Georgia and back together on a bus, 16 hours each way, after attempts to get on more than a dozen different planes couldn’t be accommodated.

The band’s director David Thorton says the school did the best they could to keep people safe, and that he was proud of how the students handled themselves, Saying they consistently wore masks, followed health protocols, and “did a great job representing MSU.”