How do businesses start? With an idea that serves a market. If you run a business, your biggest opportunity – people that are searching for your business category.

Every day there are people searching the internet for things that could lead them to your business. These prospects are looking for you every day. People searching online have already decided that they want to find you.

It’s not enough to have a website that is created like a brochure. That is not the experience that your prospects are looking for.

Your website should be a helpful source of free information. It should establish trust and thought leadership:

  • answer questions
  • solve problems
  • offer free advice
  • show the latest trends
  • highlight research

Most importantly, it can offer downloadable content in exchange for the visitors contact information. Once you are connected to the visitor, you begin a relationship with email, social medial, newsletters, or other digital tools.

This is called inbound marketing and if you aren’t board, you are missing the boat and lots of prospective customers.Learn how to incorporate Inbound Marketing into your strategy:

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