Brigitte Brown is Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of Rivers of Life Church in Holt, Michigan where she and her husband Jesse lead a growing, thriving congregation of 13 years.   Pastor Brigitte has been in full time ministry and involved in church leadership for 30 years.   She spent 17 of those years on staff at Living Word Outreach Church in Lansing, MI where she was licensed and ordained. While on staff there she served 13 years as Youth Pastor where she developed a flourishing youth ministry, making a difference in hundreds of teenager’s lives. She spent several years traveling and coordinating Healing Crusades across the United States, as well as, traveling to Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras volunteering her time to help on the mission field. Brigitte also served as Associate Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Director of Women’s Ministry, Prayer Ministry Director, as well as, in various areas of church administration, graphic design, and in many other facets of church operations.  Brigitte is also a graduate of Dave Williams School of Leadership.

In October 2004, Brigitte and her husband Jesse sensed a call from God to start Rivers of Life Church in Holt, MI. Shortly after, in 2005, they both were ordained by Dr. Bill Winston of Living Word Church in Forest Park, IL.  Since starting Rivers of Life Church, they have grown from 10 members to nearly 300 members today.

One of Brigitte’s passions, is to lead people to “Encounter God” by teaching His written Word and through  demonstrations of His presence and power. She wants people to know that God is not an angry God waiting to punish them but rather a loving God who wants a personal relationship with them.  She believes that once people understand it’s about a relationship and not about religion, then their spiritual lives can flourish.

Another one of Brigitte’s passions is to empower women to rise up and be who they are destined to be. Her  women’s ministry called WE Rise (Women Empowered by God Rise) is dedicated to doing that by teaching, leading and mentoring women of all walks of life.

Brigitte has been graced with a strong teaching gift. She teaches the Word of God with boldness and yet with  simplicity, transparency, and relevancy so that anyone can understand it and apply it to their daily lives. In addition to teaching, Brigitte has been graced with the healing compassion of Jesus.  Many are supernaturally healed and set free during her “Encounter God” Healing Miracle services. Her teaching is also aired daily via radio throughout Lansing and the surrounding areas.  Brigitte’s vision is to take the miracle working power of God to the Nations.

Brigitte is a wife and a mother and resides in Lansing, Michigan with her husband Jesse and their son Micah.  In her spare time, Brigitte enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, playing basketball and golf, and hanging out with her son.

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