About Torree Breen

Torree Breen is a Partner at Willingham & Coté, P.C., and specializes in Family Law and Insurance Defense Law.

Her day to day, as a family law attorney, involves speaking to prospective and current clients to help them assess their readiness to pursue issues involving their families. This includes, but is not limited to, divorce proceedings, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, family guardianship/conservator proceedings and/or family adoptions. Most of this process involves educating clients regarding all legal aspects and/or ramifications of the decisions they make on behalf of their family. Once a client decides to move forward, much of her day is speaking to other attorneys involved in the matter, communicating with my clients, submitting appropriate legal documents to the courts, engaging in discovery, and appearing in courts on behalf of her clients.

In her profession, her favorite thing is meeting new clients and talking to them about their families and problems for which they need assistance to resolve. She loves to help them understand their challenges, the court system and how to reach their goals. Often clients feel there is no hope given the situation they are in; she enjoys helping them understand how the law can positively apply to them.

Along with her family of fellow attorney Scott Breen and 2 very active elementary-aged children, Torree enjoys traveling, attending baseball games, and watching MSU Sports of all kinds! Her family and she also like to fish, sit by bonfires, and let off fireworks in the summer. As any mother will tell you, negotiation is a huge part of parenthood and in her family. So is deciding which battles to “pick” in getting your overall point across, she believes communicating expectations clearly and listening to alternate positions are a key to family harmony. Children of attorneys have it a little tougher as we are extremely good at these skills in their “day jobs”!

To help women of mid-Michigan, Torree believes “As a mother, regardless of our profession, we are all juggling the responsibilities of home and demands of work. As an attorney, when I meet with a client, I understand the pressure they are feeling to “keep it all together” for their children, regardless of what legal help they are seeking, such as divorce or custody. I feel the same pressure, perhaps on a different level, when trying to grow and support my practice and meet the needs of my children. So, I tap into that common emotion when connecting with my clients and empathizing with their situation”

Torree is the former President of the Women’s Lawyer Association of Michigan-Mid Michigan Chapter. She is also works with Second Saturday Divorce Workshops in Lansing. She won the “Regional Leadership Award,” Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (2016), “Ten Best-Client Satisfaction Award,” American Institute of Family Law Attorneys for 3 years 2014, 2015, 2016 and “Top Ten Attorney Award,” National Academy of Family Law Attorneys (2015).

About Lee Reimann

Lee Reimann is a Partner at Willingham & Coté, P.C., and specializes in Estates and Gifts, commonly known as “Estate Planning”. Her day to day includes meeting with clients (and clients’ family members) to best understand what they envision as their legacy for their loved ones and community. She then identifies what legal tools and processes can best meet those goals and help them move forward.

Having a father at home, whom she helps take care of, while balancing being a professional, mother, caregiver, daughter, and wife, helps Lee the relate to her clients because she knows what many of them are also going through. When she meets with adult children who are struggling with how to best meet the needs and honor the wishes of aging parents, she can empathize because she is in their same shoes. Her responsibilities, concern and care towards my father are the same as theirs’…she just happens to also have a law degree.

Along with her father, Ace, Lee also lives with her husband, Chris, their two crazy dogs, and one cat. She has two adult sons and enjoys traveling, especially to warm places where she can scuba dive.

At the end of the day, her professional goals are to; ensure older adults have their voices heard in their later years, collaborate with older adults and family members to ensure my client’s goals are met, and educate the community at large of the importance of estate planning in all chapters of life.

Lee is a family caregiver who understands that caregiving is a journey and is a passion for providing loving care to those who are in need.
Visit http://thisfamilycaregiver.com/ to learn more about supporting someone along their caregiving journey.

Lee is a member of;

Michigan Women’s Foundation

Capital Region Community Foundation

Legal Services of South Central Michigan

Helping Women Period, Inc.


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