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Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate

Bilky Joda-Miller is the founder and owner of All Body Kneads, a massage therapy center in Lansing Michigan dedicated to delivering a relaxing, renewing and rejuvenating experience for all to experience and enjoy. Growing up in different parts of the world, Bilky started in Kaduna & Lagos Nigeria where she attended primary school and received a High School Diploma. After High School, Bilky Joda-Miller moved to Michigan to continue her education. Her travels brought her to Michigan and she enrolled in college where she obtained degrees in Residential Architecture, Industrial Design and Business along with certification in Therapeutic Massage and Residential Appraisal.

Charity and community building is also a high priority for Bilky Joda-Miller. Ms. Joda-Miller volunteers at Sparrow Hospital on the pediatric floor. Bilky frequently offers discounts to caregivers, cancer survivors and people who are presently living with cancer. Bilky Joda-Miller is also founder and director of Mid-Michigan Massage Therapy Institute (MMMTI).  MMMTI is a place where Massage Therapists throughout Michigan can receive continuing education, industry information, supplies and is a home for the massage community. Bilky hopes the Mid-Michigan Massage Therapy Institute will provide a local resource to mid-michigan massage therapists seeking continuing education required for certification. In addition, Bilky would like MMMTI to serve as an educational resource for the community and offer health lifestyle guidance to those in need.


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