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We minimize landfills and help our community by creating better ways to repurpose unwanted items because everyone deserves clutter free lives.

The business was starting in 2001 and was originally called Office Scrappers.  The first clean outs were cleaning out parts of the Hannah Building and Knapp warehouse in East Lansing.  Over the years, the business has grown and now focuses mostly on assisting realtors and their clients (and anyone else) who needs help getting rid of the clutter that invades their homes/businesses.  We are experts in helping people remove any unwanted items they have in their homes or businesses.  Through practices developed by Scott Toupin, 80-90% of the items removed from homes/businesses is kept out of Michigan landfills through the FREE & Cheap Store or by other recycling methods.  We partner with many Michigan organizations, including Michigan Energy Options, City Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity, Lansing Food Bank, Capital Area Community Services, Community Mental Health, Hospice of Lansing, Martin Properties, Gillespie Group, and many others.

Scott Toupin, Founder and CEO of Toupin Enterprises, LLC (encompasses Lansing Junk Removal and the FREE & Cheap Store) is originally from Taylor, Michigan.  He graduated from Stockbridge, Michigan in 1992 and went to Lansing Community College to be an aircraft mechanic for a short time.  He has travelled all over the continental United States as a Relocation Specialist (long-haul mover) and lived in Texas and Arizona at different points but found his way back to Michigan in 2001 and started the business.  Scott loves being on the water, spending time with his family, and building all kinds of things with his 3D printer, including a full-sized R2D2. 

Alicia Toupin, Vice President is originally from Lansing, Michigan.  She graduated from Lansing Eastern High School in 1995 and Lansing Community College in 2003 with an Associates in Interior Design.  In 2015, she left being an Executive Secretary at Michigan State Housing Development Authority to work full-time for Toupin Enterprises, LLC, which encompasses Lansing Junk Removal and the FREE & Cheap Store.  She currently handles the financials and human resources for Toupin Enterprises, LLC and is the Manager of the FREE & Cheap Store.  Alicia loves travelling, spending time at home with family, which includes their dog and 2 cats, and working in the yard/garden.

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