Liisa Speaker is the owner and lead attorney of Speaker Law Firm, PLLC – the only appellate boutique law firm in the state of Michigan! 

What is an appeal? Simply put, an appeal is a request to a higher court to review the decision of a lower court. So, if the trial court decision impacts you or your family in a way that you cannot live with, you can file an appeal to try to obtain a decision you can live with!

We believe you deserve to be heard. Call us today at 517-482-8933 to see if appealing is the right option for you or use the following link to take a short survey to help us decide if you can appeal.

Can I Appeal?

After starting her firm in 2007, Liisa Speaker began taking on more family law cases. Her interest in family law grew to a passion, and today she focuses the work of her law firm with one goal in mind: to get trial court judges to follow the law! That goal continues to drive her work as an attorney and author and provides her clients with a second chance and a voice that they may have been denied in the trial court. Liisa recently published a book titled “Kids Caught In The Middle – How Families are Harmed When Judges Don’t Follow the Law”. This book shines a light on what happens when judges don’t follow the law and examines the court cases that touch the lives of parents with children.

Top three Speaker Law Firm Practice Areas:

  • Family Law Appeals
  • Children’s Law Appeals
  • Adoption Appeals

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