100% pay raise for Jackson City Clerk


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — A pay raise for the Jackson City Clerk is raising eyebrows after the city council doubled her salary.


The 100 percent raise for City Clerk Andrea Muray came after Tuesday night’s 6 to 1 vote from the city council.


One of the votes of approval came from Councilwoman Colleen Sullivan.


“I am very proud to have done that. We should be setting an example, and taking care of the people that work day in and day out for our constituents,” said Sullivan, who represents the city’s sixth ward.


Muray’s pay for the part-time clerk job went from $20,000 a year to $40,000.


The pay increase came one week after Muray resigned from the position, saying she couldn’t handle the demands of the clerk’s job with family commitments, and another job.


But after working things out, Muray decided she wanted to keep the clerk position, and was given a raise.


She declined an interview with 6 News, preferring city administration speak for her. 


The city sent a statement that says Muray’s resignation had nothing to do with pay.


It says when officials were reviewing the situation, they found she was grossly underpaid for the amount of work she was doing and they wanted to compensate her fairly.


“I also think it’s about retaining an excellent city employee,” Sullivan said.  


But not everyone at city hall is satisfied with the clerk’s raise.


The city councilman who voted against it is speaking out, calling the raise inappropriate.


Councilman Jeromy Alexander is questioning why a big pay increase was offered when the clerk supposedly never asked for one.


“Those negotiations really needed to happen by the city council, not by the manager on our behalf,” Alexander said, who represents the city’s third ward.


He thinks Muray is doing a good job, but the pay hike is too high.


“Even a 5 percent raise, a 10 percent raise is a great raise that I think anyone would love. A 100 percent raise, that raised a lot of red flags for me,” Alexander said.


However, Councilwoman Sullivan believes the council did the right thing.


“Frankly, I think we could have even done better. But $40,000 is a good start,” Sullivan said.


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