$18.9 million road repair millage going before Blackman Twp. voters


BLACKMAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) – With the August primary election complete, Michigan voters are now looking to the November general election.


In November, voters in a Jackson County community will consider a road repair millage.

Rough roads in desperate need of repair are becoming a common sight in Blackman Township, worrying residents like Jerry Posey.

“Some of the cars that go by here, they hit some of the chuckholes and it actually sounds like they’re losing parts or falling apart,” Posey said.


To help battle the problem, the Blackman Township Board of Trustees recently approved an $18.9 million road repair millage that will go before voters in November.


Township Supervisor Pete Jancek says the township currently does not collect any tax dollars specifically for road repairs.


“Almost all of our roads are in terrible shape,” Jancek said.


The 17 year millage intends to reconstruct a large number of the township’s neighborhood streets.


Jancek says with little help coming from state and federal government for road repairs, the township wants to take action.


“If we want to get them fixed at all, we have to impose a millage on ourselves to get that taken care of,” Jancek said.


Over the past year, four communities in Jackson County have put road repair proposals in front of voters and have seen mixed results.


Voters in Summit and Spring Arbor townships overwhelmingly approved road millages.


While the village of Concord and Pulaski Township both saw their millages fail.


But in Blackman, Jancek says they’re encouraged by a survey that went out to residents.


“2/3rds of the responses that we got back were in favor of possibly doing this to fix the roads,” Jancek said.


Residents who spoke with 6 News with say something needs to be done.


“I’d vote for it. Yes, definitely. Anything for the infrastructure,” said Blackman Resident Jim Stevens.


“Hopefully it wouldn’t add too much to the taxes, but if it does, it will be worth something,” Posey said.


The township is working on getting information about the millage out to residents.

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