2016 Auto sales numbers roll in for General Motors automaker


(WLNS) – GM is looking back at a bright year for auto sale numbers and looking forward to what they hope is a successful and record breaking year ahead.

GM spokesperson Dan Flores says GM is already in gear for 2017 because the company is revved up from last years sales.

“The economic environment, basically continues to reflect optimism about our bigger US economy,” GM Corporate Spokesperson Flores said.

New numbers show more Americans drove off lots in a GM vehicle last year, giving the automaker a 2% increase in retail sales, despite an overall industry-wide drop of 1.5%.

“Our focus on retail sales is making the company more profitable”.

Despite it’s retail boost in 2016, GM did report a 1% drop in sales overall.

“That’s largely due to the fact that we sold about 74,000 less daily rental vehicles,” Flores explained.

Flores says that’s not a surprise as the automaker shifts away from fleet markets and more toward the retail end. Even with that dip, Flores says overall profits are up which benefits everyone.

“Good for not only GM shareholders, good for employees,, good for suppliers, good for dealers”.

Former LCC Economist Professor Gene Buckley says GM must continue it’s drive forward with technology and production because its competitors are making different moves as well.

“They are all great competitors, no matter how hard you try, your competitor is trying just as hard,” Buckley said.

One thing Flores says can’t be copied is consumer confidence in the GM brands, he says the proof is in these numbers that he predicts will continue to grow.

Chevrolet, one of GM’s cars, is now the auto industry’s fastest growing retail brand, with sales up more than 8% just through the month of December.

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