JACKSON CO., Mich. (WLNS) -Three members of the Rives Township Board of Trustees face recall petitions, just weeks after the clerk resigned.

The treasurer was ordered to pay the township back more than $10,000 last month.

Some of those petitions revolve around how difficult it has been for the board to find a new clerk.

Trustees said the township board has yet to agree on a clerk and has been without one since the middle of May.

One trustee called the language in the recall petition against her “ludicrous.”

“You can’t be penalized for how you vote. I mean if you make a vote that is in your opinion best for the community, then it shouldn’t matter one way or another,” said Trustee Christine Beecher.

Beecher is one of three township officials at the center of several recall petitions submitted to Jackson County officials late last month.

Copies of the petition language obtained by 6 News to have Beecher removed as a trustee point to several failed votes for a new township clerk.

She said she does not expect them to pass a review by Jackson County officials.

“I don’t think they have any merit. I mean you can’t be penalized for your vote which is subjectional [sic.]”

Trustee Bryce Hammond said he’s not surprised about the recall efforts against him, which are also related to failed clerk votes, as well as one that cites a vote he made against a budget after changes he requested were made.

Hammond said he was not comfortable with the latest clerk candidate brought to the board, and the friction over finding a new clerk has been frustrating.

Two petitions were also submitted directed at township Treasurer Janina Teske, claiming a “conflict of interest” and “Misappropriating” funds.

Teske could not be reached for an interview. While Teske’s husband would not confirm or deny she got the petitions, Joseph Yang, the resident who filed the petitions against Teske said they were submitted to county officials last month.

Last month, the board voted to have Teske pay back more than $10,000 after a third-party review found she was over-compensated for filing construction-related permits.

Hammond said county officials are expected to review all of the petitions next week.