300 sleeping bag coats in Jackson are helping people on the streets stay warm


A global company based in Jackson recently raised enough money to help provide 300 special coats to the homeless in Jackson, but why are the coats so special? They also serve as a sleeping bag.

The coats are practically all Michigan made. They’re made at a Detroit based company called Empowerment Plan and made of extra car insulation from General Motors and Carhartt coat material, which is a company founded in Dearborn.

Tony Mira is the CEO of MiraMeds Global Services, which is the parent company of Anesthesia Business Consultants came up with the idea for the Warm Circle Campaign when he realized the ongoing issue of homelessness in Jackson.

He says at first, he didn’t know the extent of the issue, but when he saw the opportunity to help, he had to take it.

“My wife, myself, we’ve been in Jackson, we’ve worked so hard in Jackson, and we’ve been involved, but we’ve never really seen that part of Jackson, where homeless people are involved,” said Mira.

He says through all branches of their company, everyone came together to give and altogether they raised $77,000 which came out to 600 coats world-wide.

“The clients, our vendors, and our employees, they all chipped in they call came together, and helped us chip in for the homeless people,” said Mira.

Assistant Manager at Jackson Interfaith Shelter, Laura Stephens, says the gift was unexpected and it will last them years if they plan their distribution right.

“I didn’t want to be greedy so I said we’ll take 30 and I call back that said we have 300 for you,” said Stephens.

Mira says he plans to make a bigger goal next year of 1,000 coats, which comes out to about $125,000 that has to be raised.

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