LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — One in six preschoolers in the United States has a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder. This data has Jiying Ling with the MSU College of Nursing excited about a new program called Food, Mind, and Body which will be focused on fixing these issues.

“So, what we do is target all the children in their natural environment; daycare, home, not bring them to the doctors’ office,” Ling told 6 News. “So, the purpose is to hopefully in their growing natural environment to give them some of the skills related to mindfulness, breathing activity, even yoga stretching practices to build their resilience that they need for their life.”

According to Ling, her team will work very closely with daycare centers and providers, focused on a mindfulness-based format, in order to help kids manage their feelings.

Ling said they’ll teach young learners things like coping skills, to combat problem behaviors like crying.

The program will also work with parents to train them with the appropriate skills necessary to make for a happier and healthier environment in both school and home.

“We will work very closely with many, I think 50 daycare centers (and) providers to focus on the young children in the daycare centers to teach them a mindful format to hopefully use this resilience-based strategy to help them manage their different feelings, and then we also work with parents at home. So, together our hope is to provide a happier and healthier growing environment for these children,” Ling said.

According to Ling, the program will begin a trial period in February of 2024 – and is looking at choosing daycares in Jackson County.