EATON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) – The suspected driver who led police through multiple different counties on Tuesday, is currently being held in Barry County jail, but officials say, the 45-year-old Bellevue man will be on his way to face charges in Eaton County soon enough.

 “My deputies are doing their reports to submit our reports to the prosecutor’s office in Eaton County,” Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich said. “And once those are completed, we’ll have our chance in court and have to rid him out of Barry County to face charges here in Eaton County.”

Reich said several different attempts were made to stop the truck, but because of its size, it was hard to perform the maneuvers typically needed.

“However, we did use stop sticks, all four tires were flat on two different occasions, two different stop sticks were utilized, and the guy kept on going,” he said.

Although he kept on going, the Sheriff said it wasn’t that fast.

“Speeds weren’t very high, I think when all the tires were done, he was only doing 15-20 mph, however, he was very dangerous at this point. He’s coming into the City of Charlotte, and we had to do more,” he said.

One of the police officers rammed into the side of the stole truck and spun it around.

“Did a 180, one of my sergeants actually drove his vehicle into the front of it so it wouldn’t move anymore. However, doing that caused…I’m guessing that vehicle is going to be totaled,” Reich said.

Overall, Sheriff Reich said 5 officer vehicles will be needing repairs.

While the suspected driver tried escaping the police, Reich said he definitely won’t escape the consequences.

“It all depends on how long Barry County is going to keep him, we’ll probably ride him over here to Eaton County once he gets through the preliminary stages in Barry County but it’s going to take some time,” Reich said. “But he’s not going to be walking away from Eaton County Charges from what he’s done.”

Officials said one Eaton County Sheriff’s Deputy was injured but is expected to survive. He was released from a local hospital shortly after the incident.