GM bringing 100s of jobs to Michigan

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LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – General Motors is making a billion dollar investment in the United States and its moving hundreds of jobs from Mexico to Michigan.

That’s because GM was building axles for its trucks in Mexico but that work is moving here to Michigan bringing 450 jobs along with it.

We don’t yet know which of the General Motors facilities those jobs will be heading to.

On top of those jobs another 100 are coming here thanks to a new supplier for truck parts being added in Michigan.

We talked to UAW Local 652 president Mike Green for his reaction to the new jobs.

“It’s great for Michigan. Any time you bring jobs here to Michigan and you know we’ll get the people here,” said Green. “You bring it and we’ll build it with quality like we do. I mean that’s what we’ve been doing for decades here in Lansing. It’s great news for the workforce. You know that’s why General Motors invests in Lansing, Michigan, because of the job that people do in the plant every day.”

General Motors says it’s also bringing more than 6000 IT jobs back to the United States.

We reached out to GM officials for more details.

They couldn’t give us any specifics but the company says there will be more announcements throughout the year.

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