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LAINGSBURG, MI (WLNS) – A high school golfer from Laingsburg has discovered he has a lot bigger things to worry about than making birdies and pars, his name is Cayden Patrick.

To the outside world, Cayden Patrick is just a typical 18-year old who like many of us battles with the game of golf.

But Cayden has a much bigger fight than just making pars and birdies.

“There were times that I just wanted to give up.”

Nearly five years ago, Cayden received the news that no person wants to hear. That dreaded six letter word.

“I have cancer; I’m not going to make it. I’m going to die. I’m not going to have this life that I really wanted to have when I got older,” said Cayden Patrick, golfer Laingsburg.

Cayden admits to getting a bit depressed when he got the news. Who wouldn’t be? But he now fights this insidious disease with the ferocity that Tiger Woods would attack a golf course. And this sport wasn’t even his first love, basketball was. Fighting cancer was much easier on a golf course than the hardwood.

“I thought well, might as well try it so I tried it and ended up loving it so that’s why I’m still here.”

Patrick is one of 11 golfers on the Laingsburg Golf Team. He shoots in the low 50’s, so he’s not the team’s best golfer; he is its best fighter. And fighting cancer on the course seems to ease the pain.

“It’s like everything just goes away, pain. I forget I even have the disease really ’cause I’m just, my head’s somewhere else. It’s in the clouds having a good time. I just kinda live life, just to enjoy it. I mean it’s the little things that count.”

The countdown is on until the day the doctors tell him he’s cancer free. But golf has no calendar, no time clock and it’s a game that gives him hope for his bigger battle.

“I wanna be 60 years old on the golf course with four buddies just having a good time, laughing, just  enjoying life.”

Enjoy Cayden, for many more holes.

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