BATH TWP, Mich. (WLNS) – A Bath family is speaking out after having their clothes stolen from a nearby laundromat.

Surveillance footage shows the man stealing shirts, pants, and even undergarments.

This all happened at the Soap and Suds in BathTownship.

The daughter, Jada Yonnotti was able to identify the man and they reported him to the police. Her dad, Sean Yonnotti says he just wants people to be aware of this.

This is the man suspected of stealing from the Yonnotti family.

“I couldn’t believe the guy did it. I was thinking I’m never going to figure out who this guy is,” said Sean.

7-year old Jada Yonnotti and her grandmother entered the laundromat on Monday night, started their laundry but had to leave quickly.

When they returned, none of their clothes were anywhere to be found.

“Jada got really upset and started crying because it was a lot of her school clothes and stuff. She said daddy there’s nothing you can do? And I kept telling her I really can’t, and she said let’s go tell the police they get bad guys,” he said.

Sean says he reached out to police, filed a report, and contacted the security company for the surveillance footage.”

“I was playing the video and she immediately said daddy, daddy that’s the bad guy. She said that’s the guy who was looking at me mean from the porch, he lives next door,” she said.

He says police were able to find the man but he did not give all their clothes back.

“He ended up giving a small handful of clothes. None of her panties, or socks, or a lot of the other stuff. We didn’t get one pair of her underwear back. That creeped us out a little bit,” he said.

Her dad says they just can’t afford to get new clothes right now.

“Don’t steal our clothes anymore,” Jada said. Her father continued “Especially kids’, because karma will come back around and this little 7-year-old wasn’t letting you get away with it,” Sean said.

Another woman commented on Sean’s Facebook post saying she was harassed by the man in the video when she was doing her laundry at night.

Bath Township police told 6 News they filed a request to the prosecutor’s office for charges against the man in the video.

He could be possibly be charged with larceny.