8-year-old Jackson boy sets up 25 cent history stand


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Flipping through the pages of history…

“So this might be the Spanish American war.”

It’s not how most 8-year-olds spend their Saturday afternoon, but Gabe Fulmerhouser is not like most 8-year-olds.

“Well since I have so much knowledge and I can’t be a history teacher, I came up with this,” Gabe Fulmerhouser said.

“One day he just came down and he said mom I would like to make a booth and for 25 cents tell history and tell people stories,” Gabe’s mom, Lesli Fulmerhouser said.

“They usually pay me a quarter or more,” Gabe said. “If they pay me more, I gotta tell them a lot.”

He loves telling his customers about his favorite president.

“After John Kennedy died, Lyndon B. Johnson took over his place,” Gabe said.

Gabe’s mom Lesli says instead of playing sports with his friends “He wants to tell war stories. But I think it intrigues them as well.”

Gabe says when he grows up he wants to be in the military like his dad and grandfathers were, but since he’s only 8, in the meantime, he’s teaching those willing to pay about the war stories that shaped our nation.

“It’s important to everyone’s life and how America became America,” Gabe said.

But it’s not about filling his piggy bank. All the money he raises will go to veterans or his church.

“Here’s my jar for my money,” Gabe said. “And how much money I’ve made so far was 7 dollars and 30 cents.”

As Gabe keeps filling that jar, he continues to fill his brain with more knowledge, so others can learn too.

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