9-year-old Jace Lyon safe, but not home


(WLNS) – 9-year-old Jace Lyon was reported missing Wednesday night, and was found safe Friday, but the investigation into his home life is still underway.

A desperate search came to an end when Jace was found alive near his home in Hillsdale and now Hillsdale Sheriff Tim Parker has revealed more about the case.

People in the Hillsdale community were left speechless after hearing Jace was missing Wednesday night.

“It was kind of shocking, I’ve never heard anything like that before,” Hillsdale resident Candie Spahr said.

Spahr has lived in Hillsdale her whole life, but she wasn’t the only one touched by the news, and wanting to do something about it.

“It was really great to have that amount of people from our community want to help us out,” Hillsdale Sheriff Tim Parker said.

Sheriff Parker says every person and clue helped and brought officials closer to finding him, right as a couple who lived just a mile away from Jace’s house called saying they found him in their home Friday night.

“We had an indicator before that and we were actually sending units out to research the buildings when the call came back in,” Parker said.

Jace was found safe, but the Child Protective Services is now taking over the case on whether he will return home to his adoptive mother who was raising him alone.

“He was removed from the home this weekend and was in temporary foster care and I know there was a court hearing this afternoon,” Parker said.

Child Protective Services could not comment on the court hearing Sheriff Parker mentioned, but he said that most important part is that Jace is being well taken care of.

“We’re just very happy that he is safe and he’s being attended to and we’re going to be able to do the best for him”.

6 News will be here for you with updates on Jace’s home situation when we get the.

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