A 420 special: Behind the scenes of one of Mid-Michigan’s largest marijuana grows


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Today is April 20th or ‘4.20’ as it’s more commonly known — one of the major cannabis holiday’s of the year.

This year, Mid-Michigan pot shops and grow operations got in on the action and 6 News went behind the scenes for a look at how it all works at the Botanical Company and Franklin Fields in Lansing.

It all begins in the nursery. That’s where the seeds are first planted. After that, they get re-potted into seven gallon barrels where they remain for the rest of their growing period.

The soil gets mixed around to make sure all the nutrients get spread out evenly and then it goes to the vegetation room — it’s a room with different levels of light and each week, the plants moves further and further up the line for six weeks until it’s ready for the grow room.

At that point, the plant gets varying levels of light and water for 9 weeks before it then dries for a week before finally it cures for a week. Once it’s ready it gets sent to the state for testing to make sure it meets medical standards — whether or not it’s for adult use or medical – after it gets the green light, it finally gets packaged and purchased by either a dispensary or individual.

This process happens every day, but the owner says 4-20 is always special.

“4-20 is the biggest holiday of our industry for the year,” said Russell Chambers, CEO and Founder of Franklin Farms and The Botanical Company. “We were very excited, had some great promotions going on in the story, I was really excited to see we had some people showing up two hours before we opened. I mean that’s how big of a deal it is, people take this day off of work to celebrate.”

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