A closer look at lake patrol


HASLETT, Mich. (WLNS)– As families make their way to Michigan’s lakes,
so does the Ingham County Sheriff’s Department.

While most deputies working the weekends are on the roads, there’s always one patrolling the water for hours during the summer.

“Different days of the week they may request us to lead the boat parade or there might be a special event that they would like us out here on,” Lieutenant Dennis Hull says, “but generally every single weekend during the summer months.”

It may be a different vehicle but it’s a lot like patrolling the roads. Deputies look for the same red flags that they would with cars, like speeding.

“The biggest thing is getting too close to other boats that are underway,” Hull says, “and the speed of the boat when you’re close to shore and approaching other boats in the area.”

And like any traffic stop, they’ll need to see some paperwork.

“The basic ones that we’re looking for on a lake this size, any inland lake, is gonna be the boater registration or the boater certificate, course. And that’s for anyone that’s gonna operate a personal watercraft or any type of motorized vessel.”

But they’re also out to make sure those who need help can get it as fast as possible, and to make sure the lake stays safe and fun for everyone.

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