A family is reunited with their dog after missing for more than five months


While cold temperatures can be harmful to pets, the frigid temperatures could have helped one dog today.

Clyde, is a Beagel that went missing back in September.

But last night, he hid under the right deck. Patricia Brady went out around 2 a.m. this morning to check on the dog, after she heard him barking.

“It was freezing out, and I just wanted to know if he was ok,” said Brady.

She went out and found Clyde under her back deck and reached out for him to come out, but was timid.

After she couldn’t get him to come out, she called 9-1-1. Sergeant Jeff Weiss came out to the house and called for Clyde to come out.

“I just called him, I said here doggie and he came right out. So he was cold and shaking and I just think he wanted to get warm,” said Sgt. Weiss.

After getting him out, he placed him in his car.

“I put him in the front seat of my sheriff’s vechile and put the heat on hot and warmed him up,” said Sgt. Weiss.

Sgt. Weiss found a tag on his collar with a phone number. After calling the number, he said he got a hold of “Clyde’s dad” and was in disbelief.

“He was a bit suprised, I said I’ve got your dog, and he says my dog? And I said your dog. And he said well I haven’t seen my dog since September,” said Sgt. Weiss.

Clyde was reunited with his family. Luckily for the officers, Clyde came out without any issues, but they did have a back up plan.

“As we were being dispatched to this call, one of our traffic officers had stopped at McDonald’s and got some chicken nuggets to try to coax Clyde out but those weren’t needed,” said Sgt. Weiss.

Brady says she’s beyond thrilled with the news of Clyde and it couldn’t have worked out any better.

“Knowing that he’s no longer out here freezing, it’s a great feeling, to know that, the dog’s home,” said Brady.

Clyde is said to be doing fine now, and was just as happy to see his family, as they were to see him.

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