A federal report explains how the economy could be front and center of climate change impacts


A new federal report is now saying climate change could cost the U.S. a hefty hunk of change.

Billions is what’s on the price tag of climate change when it comes to the economy. 

“It’s going to effect every single person, and also every single person is contributing to the problem,” said Michigan State University professor Soren Anderson.

Laura Campbell with the Michigan Farm Bureau says the changes can’t be pin pointed but is likely to effect everyone and everything.

“Climate change is so big that it effects everyone, you know that we could have coastal changes, you know we have weather changes that cause health impacts and other potential and that can go a lot 
broader than just one industry or one sector,” said Campbell.

But where does the millions of dollars come in? Campbell says agriculture is a huge driving force in the economy and will be greatly effected if the temperatures change.

“Just looking at agriculture directly you know over a hundred billion dollars added to our economy nationally but you know in Michigan that’s a hundred million of that comes from agriculture that’s added to our state’s economy, so you know definitely impacts to that effect are going to have serious consequences,” said

Professor Anderson says the weather isn’t the only determination of climate change. If the temperature fits the current season, it doesn’t mean climate change isn’t real.

“You can’t just look at the weather today and compare it to a year ago or even ten years ago and say you know it’s cold today therefore climate change is not happening, you kind of have to look on average over many years,” said Anderson.

Both Anderson and Campbell both agreed that this report provides support that climate change is happening but hard to pin point exactly what impact climate change will have next.

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