A ‘Feraco’ Family Affair


East Lansing, Mich (WLNS) – When Gianni Feraco’s phone rings at 6:30 a.m. and he sees it’s his Dad Bill, there’s no need to be alarmed. It’s just a standard wake-up call these days to tell him he’s going to have to stay after practice that night.

It’s one instance where Bill takes his Dad hat off, and puts his coach hat on.

“Definitely the Sunday dinner it’s you know, it’s family oriented,” said Gianni. “But then you just wait for that question, ‘Well hey Gianni what do you think of this?’ and then it’s coach talk, but you know we don’t miss a beat and we love it.”

The Feraco’s are a football family, through and through, and ever since joining his Dad’s staff as an assistant eleven years ago, Gianni knows when to pick and chose his battles. Sort of how he had to pick and choose growing up.

“We joke about it on our staff because he’ll get on me, and you know, I just go it’s alright guys,” as he laughed. “I’ve done it before. You know, I take a lickin’ but I’ll just keep tickin.’ It’s all good.”

Gianni kept tickin’ alright and in 2014 after Adam Nolan decided to step down as the Trojans’ defensive coordinator he had the opportunity to take over the position, and it’s been his role on his Dad’s staff ever since.

“Every year he’s grown better and improved,” said Bill Feraco. “Obviously he’s trustworthy and has all those things you would want in a defensive coordinator. Take care of this, and he has taken care of this, and the people who work under him have done a marvelous job.”

The Trojans’ offense gets a lot of publicity, and rightfully so, but if you take a closer look at EL’s defense it’s just as dominant. They’ve only given up an average of a little more than two points a game this year.

“They’re playing together,” said Bill. “They’re aggressive. They really run to the ball.”

That kind of success doesn’t come without preparation and it’s what Gianni has learned the most from his Dad over the years.

“You know a lot of people follow in their father’s footsteps, but do they get to do that job or hobby with them on a daily basis?” said Gianni. “It really does make it special that we see each other every day. We’re constantly communicating. It is something that I cherish.”

It’s something Bill certainly cherishes as well.

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