EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS)- A national art project called, “Inside Out 11M” that focuses on immigration reform will be hosting an event in East Lansing at the MSU Broad Museum, at 10 AM, on Thursday, Aug 31.

The purpose of this campaign is to show a portrait of America that includes immigrants. Organizers will be taking attendee’s photos and printing them out in a 3-5 foot size, making one huge portrait of local faces.

The national art project has teamed up with the “We are home” campaign, with organizers from the Michigan People’s Campaign and Michigan United, who help share stories of immigrants.

Organizers hope to see immigration advocates, local leaders, and community members come out to help create this portrait. All in hopes to amplify voices and urge Congress to enact legislation that would create a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who call America home.

“Everybody knows at least one person that’s undocumented, or maybe recently became a citizen. It’s all about doing the right thing,” said Daniel Caracheo Teniente of Michigan People’s Campaign.

Officials say everyone is welcomed to attend the event and take a photo to help create a portrait of America that includes and supports immigrants living in America.