AAA advises Michiganders to book holiday trips now


DEARBORN, Mich. (WLNS)—According to new survey data from AAA, nearly 46 percent of Michiganders have started to book their holiday travel plans.

The survey asked simple questions discussing travel plans during 2020 and asking questions related to 2021’s travel. Last year, a vaccine was not available and survey data suggested more people were wary to travel during the holidays.

Michigan residents this year plan to take at least three vacation days to celebrate the joyous holidays. However, nearly 36% of Michigan residents are staying home due to the fear of contracting COVID-19.

“We’ve recently seen numerous flight delays and cancellations, and even more are possible during the holidays,” Haas continued. “So if you’re planning a flight, you may want to consider travel insurance. If your flight is canceled, there are various policies that would help offset unexpected expenses like a hotel, transportation, and food. You may also receive compensation for lost luggage, or if your flight is delayed for as little as 3 hours.”

The survey also suggests 73 % of Michiganders are confident the vaccine will protest them against COVID-19, and 71 % of residents believe in the effectiveness of the vaccine.

“Whether you’re taking a flight, cruise, or tour; travel insurance can provide the peace of mind in knowing that your trip is protected during the pandemic,” Haas said. “There are various policies that provide coverage if you contract COVID either before or during your trip. If you talk with a travel agent, they can help ensure you have the policy that is the best fit for your trip.”

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