About 41 percent of Michigan voters calling for Governor Snyder’s resignation


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – New poll numbers show a double-digit jump in voters saying Governor Snyder should step down.

According to Epic-MRA, back in January, 29 percent of voters polled said the Governor should resign.

Since then, the Governor has given his testimony in front of a House panel in Washington DC., and met with Flint’s task force.

Still, Thursday’s poll show that 41 percent of people say the governor should step down over the Flint water crisis.

In addition, Governor Rick Snyder’s job ratings are tanking.

When Michigan voters were asked the question, “How would you rate the job being done by Rick Snyder as Michigan Governor?”

29 percent gave Snyder a positive rating meanwhile an overwhelming 69% gave Snyder a negative rating, according to an Epic MRA poll. This is an 11% drop from the last poll in January, where Snyder had a negative rating of 58%.

Voters were also asked “Based on what you know, or have heard or read about the Flint water crisis, how would you rate the job Governor Snyder has done handling that crisis?”

75 percent of Michigander’s said they don’t think Governor Snyder handled the flint situation well.

Epic-MRA’s Bernie Porn states the biggest issue hurting the Governor is trust, especially when Snyder spreads blame “spread the blame to the EPA and to others. And voters just aren’t buying it” Porn said.

Porn believes Snyder’s favorability will continue to fall.

‘I’m not surprised at all, and it may continue to get worse” Porn said.

Wednesday Governor Snyder met with Flint’s Task Force about the crisis, and today he responded to the polls.

“I’ve had ups and downs in polls for a number of years. I’m staying focused on the solution, so that’s where I appreciate the Task Force recommendations about working on those. I came up with a 75 point action plan for Flint.” Governor Snyder said.

Porn believes, the only way negative attention will come off of the Governor’s back, is by replacing Flint’s water pipes and fixing the problem immediately.

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