Act now to stay ahead of rising propane prices this winter


HILLSDALE COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — While winter may seem like a long time from now, you might want to make plans to heat your home now if you use propane.

Propane supplies are dropping nationwide and prices could be heating up.

“We have heard that we need to be careful for this winter because it could be that the supplies would be low,” said Sarah Hartzler of Green Energy LP.

Green Energy LP is a propane supplier based in Hillsdale County.

Hartzler says supplies are dwindling because of higher exports and not enough storage.

“Basically, a lot of it is supply and demand. And what has been stored up,” Hartzler said.

The U.S. Department of Energy warns the national supply of propane is down nearly 25 percent from last year.

With supplies going down, prices will most likely go up.

So propane suppliers say the time to act is now.

Hartzler says the best thing you can do is contact your supplier and lock in prices.

“We want to make sure that people get their lock ins turned in and have made those phone calls. Because a lot of companies at a certain point will kind of shut that off,” Hartzler said.

You can also pre-buy your entire winter supply or stock up now.

“And it’s actually the better time to do it anyway, because the summer months are when our prices are at their lowest,” Hartzler said.

Helping yourself now can help everyone in the long run.

“That gives us a really good idea of  how much we need  at least for those customers on hand and what we need predictably for the other customers,” Hartzler said.

Here is a link to more energy saving advice for propane consumers from the state of Michigan:,4639,7-159-16389_69070—,00.html

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