LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michael Lynn Jr. is an activist and firefighter in Lansing. He said the reason he posted Chief Daryl Green’s cell phone number was over a post on Facebook.

Since 2016, Lansing Police Department posts a message honoring a K-9 officer named Sabre, who was shot and killed by a suspect.

But the posts don’t mention that the person was shot 18 times by police.

“The family… I do stay in touch with them and I know how they feel about the situation. So I didn’t want any of them to see it,” Lynn said.

Lynn saw this year’s post and texted Chief Green saying they should remove it. He said he didn’t get a response.

“So I posted his number on Facebook and told people to give him a call and let him know how they feel about the post,” Lynn said.

LPD took down their post and put out a statement saying they didn’t mean to disrespect anyone.

“The mission was accomplished. They took it down,” Lynn said.

But that wouldn’t be the last time Lynn would hear about the post.

“I received an email from the City of Lansing saying that I was up for disciplinary,” Lynn said.

The City of Lansing sent an email to Lynn writing that he, “posted Chief Green’s cell phone at a time when the city and region is still in a State of emergency and threats against public servants are increasing.”

Lynn is facing charges of misconduct, but he said he has no regrets.

“You should have the chief’s number,” Lynn said.

In a statement to Six News, Lansing Fire Chief, Greg Martin, said this is an “ongoing internal disciplinary process,” so he can’t speak about it.

LPD also had no comment. The Mayor’s office has not responded for comment.