LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)  – Activists descended on the state Capitol Wednesday evening calling for the decriminalization of “magic mushrooms.” 

“We’re trying to bring awareness and attention of how great and magical magic mushrooms are,” says organizer Nate Ford with Lansing Entheogens and Psychedelics Society. “So people will hopefully band together with us and our drive to get magic mushrooms decriminalized here in Lansing.” 

Activists said in a press release Wednesday was “Magic Mushroom Day.” They described the event as “ an occasion for us to recognize the potential of psilocybin-containing mushrooms in therapeutic, medical, and personal growth contexts. With increasing scientific evidence and a growing understanding of the benefits of psilocybin, our aim is to foster awareness and dialogue about responsible use and decriminalization of these substances in a manner that prioritizes safety and 


The rally drew nearly 100 supporters of the fungi. They heard speakers compare the movement to legalize mushrooms to the move in Michigan to legalize marijuana in the last decade.