LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Dozens of people were at the Capitol Friday, sharing their stories of gun violence in hopes their pleas will finally be heard.

The group says that often its message is taken wrong. The group says don’t want to take your guns – all they want is for things to finally change.

To them, that starts with being a responsible gun owner so fewer parents don’t have to receive their worst nightmare over the phone.

“You cant imagine that. You see it on tv all the time and when I see it and it doesn’t affect me I stop and say a prayer for the family. Like the kids say it hits different when its your child on the text saying somebody shooting,” said Vickie Brent-Touray a mother of an Oxford school shooting survivor.

Ever since that day, Vicki Brent-Touray and her family have been involved with a March For Our Lives, an organization dedicated to ending gun violence by promoting responsible gun ownership.

“Having people who own guns store them safely in a way that would prevent accidental deaths. For example when children’s find their parents’ guns,” said Berelian Karimian, an organizer for March For Our Lives.

The group told 6 News that in addition to responsible gun ownership, they are fighting for increased background checks, red flag laws, and an increase in mental health services as a whole.

“Making sure that each school especially after these tragedies have those mental health resources and mental health professionals to come in and help them. So they’re not just left to deal with this and cope with this alone,” said Zoe Touray, a gun violence survivor and organizer for March For Our Lives.

“When people try to say democrats versus republicans that doesn’t create the progress that we need and so it’s really about coming together and saving those lives. Because at the end of the day everyone has that same goal of preserving human life,” Karimian said.