LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – On Monday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed red flag bills into law, marking her third major piece of gun control legislation in 2023.

This all comes in the wake of two major mass shootings in Michigan.

Now, groups on both sides of the gun control debate are reacting to the new laws.

“Red Flag laws are gun confiscation without due process, pure and simple. Getting a hearing after your property is stolen by the state is not due process,”

Brenden Boudreau, Executive Director of Great Lakes Gun Rights.

While today is a day for celebration, let’s not forget what the Michigan GOP has prioritized since tragedy struck our state. Even when law enforcement stood behind these common-sense measures, the so-called “law and order” party decided to pander to the NRA and introduce legislation to make it easier to purchase and carry guns without a permit. If Republicans continue to insist on cozying up to the gun lobby instead of protecting the safety of their constituents, I have no doubt that Michigan voters will make their displeasure known at the ballot box.”

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barne

“As details continue to emerge about the tragic shooting at Michigan State University—the community where our organization is headquartered—we are horrified. Together, we must find solutions to put a stop to the senseless public health risk of violence before more lives are lost.  We as physicians work to identify mental health issues and other concerns that could lead to tragedy, and we strongly support federal and state efforts to ensure that physicians can fulfill that role in preventing firearm deaths by health screening, patient counseling on gun safety, and referral to mental health services for those with behavioral and emotional medical conditions. We need to deploy a complete array of cultural, social, medical, legal, and educational tools and assets.  We need to do it together.”

Michigan State Medical Society

“As we continue to push for actionable steps to curb gun violence in our state, I applaud Governor Whitmer and the Michigan Legislature for ensuring safer environments for our children and reducing chances for firearms to reach hands unfit to possess them. “It is encouraging to know that this new set of laws also ensures that the focus of this intervention remains on keeping our communities safe – rather than promoting unjust social or cultural biases – by penalizing anyone who misuses or falsely represents someone’s threat level to society.”  

State Board of Education President Dr. Pamela Pugh

“So many shootings are slow-motion tragedies — a long trail of warning signs leading up to one terrible moment. We applaud Governor Whitmer and Michigan lawmakers for giving family members and law enforcement a way to step in and prevent gun violence before it’s too late.”

John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety.

No one law will solve the complicated issue of gun violence. But taken together, these three new packages of legislation give Michigan a foundation for addressing a pandemic that affects all of us, regardless of where we live. Just as seat belts have not ended fatal automobile accidents, implementing simple safety actions has saved countless lives.

Episcopal Diocese of Michigan 

This is just a sampling of reactions from major organizations. Stick with 6 News as we bring you the latest on Whitmer’s battle against gun violence.