Advocacy group says #MeToo could lead to less tolerance for sexual harassment


HOWELL, Mich. (WLNS) – Over the past few months, many high-profile names have been tarnished with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Is this a flash in the pan or a change in our culture? A local women’s advocacy organization called “LACASA” says this could be the start of an even bigger movement.

“I think it’s a re-awakening and there’s something to be said about star power in celebrities, for whatever reason there is, people feel connected,” said Bobette Schrandt; President/CEO of LACASA.

It’s that connection that Schrandt says so many women continue to break their silence.

She says while there’s been “movements” in the past, the social media platform #metoo is society’s way of recognizing there is a serious problem.

“It gave them a voice and it really again turned up many emotional thoughts,” Schrandt stated.

Schrandt says all of the high-profile men blasted in the spotlight for allegations of sexual misconduct have two things in common…power and control.

“Many women feel they’re single mothers, they’re working to support a family, they need their jobs so the fact why did they not leave…well it’s not as simple as just leaving a job where you are being harassed,” said Schrandt.

The fear of facing backlash for speaking out is also a concern and that’s not all.

“It might only take one false story that might come forward that could really make this whole take a back slide,” Schrandt stated.

But Schrandt says that’s a risk worth taking in order to push this movement forward and create change.

“People talk about the courage to come forward. I believe that the survivors and the victims have always had the courage. They have survived things that maybe you and I have never had to survive, that is courage…courage to continue. I think what this is, is hope. It has given victims and survivors a sense of hope that change can happen and they have a voice,” said Schrandt.

Schrandt says she’s hopeful that this is a movement that has hit the ground running and won’t stop anytime soon.

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