Advocates say farmworkers should receive vaccine priority


LANSING, MICH. (WLNS) — Here in Michigan vaccine distribution is divided into four phases. State health officials say, farmworkers are part of the second phase. But the timeline for when this essential group will get access remains unclear. 

Diana Marin, the supervising attorney for the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center says she hopes migrant workers, a population often overlooked, don’t become an after thought.

“We hope that they will be prioritized over other workers given the high risk that they face doing in-person work,” Marin said.

She says phase two 1B includes many sectors and doesn’t know where agriculture workers fall in line.

“Now the question though is how will they be ranked within all those critical infrastructure workers that exist within phase 1b and that is where we haven’t been able to receive a clear answer, she said.

A spokesperson for the state health department tells 6 News workers in 16 different sectors are part of phase 1B such as police, firefighters, teachers, and agricultural workers, but did not clarify in what order these groups will receive the vaccine. 

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