LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Legislation introduced recently in the state looks to temporarily restrict guns from domestic abusers and on Monday, groups statewide advocated for the proposed laws.

The bills would ban those convicted of felony or misdemeanor domestic violence from having or purchasing a firearm for eight years after their sentence is complete.

Advocates said they hope to join 31 other states who have similar legislation, and added that domestic abusers kill 50 women and 20 children each year with firearms in Michigan.

Survivors and those affected by domestic violence situations said guns shouldn’t be in the hands of those who have been violent in the past and are hoping to strengthen the laws to make that a reality.

“We need to protect women and children from revenge by their abusers,” Co-Lead of Lansing Chapter for Moms Demand Action Christin Fawcett said. “Current Michigan law only prevents those convicted of felony domestic violence from possessing a firearm; this is clearly not enough. The vast majority of domestic violence convictions are misdemeanors….domestic violence is usually undercharged or pled down if it’s charged at all.”

Gun advocacy group “Great Lakes Gun Rights” opposed the initiative and claims this proposed legislation isn’t about safety, but rather, taking away the rights of Michiganders.