LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Lansing Mayor Andy Schor says he is sending a resolution to City Council seeking to revoke an event license for a space that was the scene of a July 30 shooting, Schor announced Thursday.

Five people were injured in the mass shooting during a event hosted in the Energy Event Center at Logan Square shopping center complex, on the 1300 block of West Holmes Road.

“The Energy Event Center in Logan Square was issued a permit and failed to keep things secure when the party moved outside. They failed our residents and their guests,” Schor said in a statement. “I am joining with LPD to send to City Council a revocation of this cabaret event license. This puts bad actors on notice that if you don’t keep large events secure and safe, you cannot have that party in the City of Lansing.”

A cabaret license is required in a public place that has live entertainment or dancing along with food, alcohol or merchandising. According to Lansing City Ordinance 808.08, Lansing City Council can have a hearing to revoke the cabaret license of anyone who has violated the ordinance, Schor said.

Schor said he will also propose a change to the city’s cabaret license ordinance, which the city attorney’s office is currently drafting. The change will add specific requirements for those with a cabaret license to provide increased security for events with large crowds.

“If you close down a road and you have a big party like the old common ground type parties, they have to have security plans. If you are a marijuana institution, you have to have a security plan. I do believe that if you have party, a larger party, you should have to have a security plan,” said Schor.

The effort has support from Lansing Police Chief Ellery Sosebee. In a letter to the city council, he said there’s “significant health and safety concerns as it relates to members of the public attending events at this location given the significant gun violence that has recently occurred at the premises.”

Setting a date for a public hearing is on the list for the council’s committee of the whole next Monday. After the hearing, a recommendation will be made to the full city council.

People who live, shop and work near Logan square are still shaken by last week’s violence, like Nicole Flowers.

“You can’t really enjoy yourself because there’s always something going down when you go to one of those events,” said Flowers.

She along with others are worried about young teens and children getting wrapped up in the violence.

“That’s their life, and now they won’t be able to live the life they want to live because of that”, remarked Flowers.

A representative of the property management company that owns Logan Square said they’re looking at cutting ties with the Energy Event center after the shooting .

6 News reached out to one of the owners of the venue and his only response to a request for comment was a flyer promoting a “Stop Gun Violence” event scheduled for Friday, August 11.