AG Bill Schuette reports misconduct in Stuart Dunnings III case


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – We have another update for you now on Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III. Dunnings was charged with prostitution-related crimes earlier this week. Along with those charges, Attorney General Bill Schuette sent a letter to the Attorney Grievance Commission, which handles attorney misconduct.

“It’s our responsibility to investigate and prosecute attorneys who violate the rules and professional responsibility,” Grievance Administrator Alan Gershel said.

Grievance Administrator Alan Gershel can’t comment specifically on the Dunnings case, but says his office takes any misconduct seriously.

“If we get allegations regarding prosecutorial misconduct, even separate apart from any criminal case, we view those just as seriously as any other complaint against a lawyer,” Gershel said.

Gershel has seen similar cases where an attorney accused of misconduct also faces criminal charges, but typically they wait until the criminal process is completed.

“Because under the rules, if there is a conviction, specifically of a felony conviction, uh that results in automatic suspension of a lawyer,” Gershel said.

Andrea Bitely, who is the Communications Director for Attorney General Bill Schuette, says they have a duty to notify the commission when an attorney has been charged with a crime.

“When we file criminal charges, we try to ensure that we have all of our ducks in a row at the same time and try to ensure an expedient, quick trial and quick notification of all parties involved,

We reached out the the Ingham County Prosecutor’s office and they declined to comment.

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