Air conditioning companies give tips for those without air


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With the extreme temperatures outside, local air conditioning companies are getting hundreds of calls from people without air.

Some companies say it could take days before they can get to some repairs.

They say they’ve been working long and extra hours to make sure their customers get their air conditioning back on. In the meantime, they say it’s important to take precautions and not take this heat lightly.

“We don’t want people to develop medical conditions such as heat stress, heat stroke, that type of thing. So it’s very important to stay cool,” said Jimmy Solomon, a Service Manager at Wilson Heating and Cooling in Lansing.

Solomon says a couple things people can do if their air conditioning is out is make sure fans are on or stay at a family member’s house if possible until the system is fixed.

“We’ve been dealing with numerous, numerous calls,” said Solomon.

Kurt Knisely works for The Meridian Company, which is another air conditioning service. Knisely says to help your air conditioning system running, you should stay up to date with keeping it clean.

“There’s no guarantee that something won’t break, but like a car, it needs yearly maintenance on it,” said Knisely.

Solomon agrees and says yearly checks are necessary even when you don’t think something is wrong.

“Manufacturers recommend annual maintenance,” said Knisely. “When you get annual maintenance done, your AC doesn’t break down.”

But if it does break down and you’re trying to stay cool, Knisely says a rule of thumb is to open your windows at night if it’s cooler outside and close them during the day if the sun is out.

“We’ve got guys working very, very long hours,” said Knisely. “Obviously prioritizing those people that have no cool at all and trying to get to them first.”

They say another way to stay cool is to stay in the basement if you have one and make sure that you’re drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

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