CALIFORNIA (WLNS) – Tech giant Amazon is once again expanding into a new field and this time around it’s the transportation industry.

It’s through a technology company called Zoox. This company is developing a personal transportation vehicle similar to a taxi but there is no driver.

The vehicle Zoox recently showed off is fully autonomous and is meant to get riders from point A to Point B.

Zoox L5 Fully Autonomous, All-electric Robotaxi at Coit Tower San Francsico

On a single charge the vehicle can last for 16 hours, and unlike some competitors can achieve up to 75 miles per hour.

Amazon acquired the company earlier this year, with the hopes of making Zoox the next big ride-sharing service.

Similar to Uber and Lyft, all you need is a smartphone and you’ll be able to order a ride from anywhere.

For now, this technology is still in its early stages and is being tested in both Las Vegas and in two cities in California.