‘American Idol’ is looking for the next Michigander superstar in its ‘Idol Across America’auditions


MID-MICHIGAN-(WLNS) American Idol is looking to hear the voices of Michiganders on its hunt for the next American Idol, and you can submit your singing all from the comfort of your own home.

Beginning Friday, August 13, open virtual auditions will begin for all Mid-Michigan residents who are between the ages of 15 to 28. Those looking to participate must register here: Try Out

After registering, a Zoom link will be sent where you will have a one on one audition with senior producers, if making it past that, you will then meet with executive producers, followed by meeting with official judges.

“Everyone in the age range should apply, anyone can win this contest all you need to do is practice and follow through,” says American Idol senior producer, Patrick Lynn.

Those who make it past the final round with official American Idol judges are scheduled to begin the official competition in December of 2021.

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