Animal control clearing up feral cat colonies


MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS)– Two feral cat colonies were nestled away in the woods next to a local shopping complex for several weeks. Now animal control is stepping in to help relocate the cats.

Businesses near the Meridian Mall called Ingham County Animal Control to deal with feral cats near their stores before the temperatures drop.

“You’re generally going to see the same cats over and over again in the same are,” animal control officer Kyle Hanney says. “Generally you’re going to see some sort of food source or water source for these cats. And they can be anywhere; they can be in a subdivision or it can be in a rural area.”

Store employees say there was food set out for the cats at first, but most of it is gone by now. Animal control generally encourages people to try to get along with the cats.

“If you’re an individual in that area and you don’t want the cats there,” Hanney says, “try to work with the people in that area who are caring for the cats to see if you guys can work together for a solution that works for everybody.”

That solution should not include trying to catch the cats on your own. Call animal control, and they can use special live traps to get the cats off the property and bring them in for medical care.

Animal control is working with local nonprofits and other rescues to try and relocate some of these cats, but they’re still running low on space. If you feel like you have a barn or a similar option that they can use, they want to hear from you.

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