INGHAM COUNTY-(WLNS) Recently the 6 News team had a stray kitten that was stuck in inside of car engines, and Meteorologist Blake Harms was finally able to rescue it, after about 3 days of chasing.

6 News took the kitten to the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter and was asked if anyone was interested in fostering it, as its been overwhelmed with cats and is pushing for a year around foster program.

Normally this program is pushed during the holidays, but the Shelter says its seen an uptick in cats, and has more than normal. That includes stray cats, kittens and in some cases people simply turning them in.

The shelter is calling it “Cats Season” and is asking that the community help out with providing temporary homes for these cats until adopted, and is providing families with all of its needs at no cost.

Harms decided that he would keep the cat and foster it, until it grows and is stable enough for the adoption stage. The shelter has given him everything he needs, and if will help with licensing if he decides to adopt it.

“We’re happy to help out with the medical needs, the spade and neutering it, vaccination, we’ll even provide food, litter for the foster family,” said Ingham County Animal Shelter and Control Director, Heidi Williams.

This program will be available for anyone and will be offered for those turning in cats. While the shelter is not at complete capacity, it is getting filled and has already put over 50 cats in foster homes.

Williams says she wants to remind people that no animals are euthanized due to space availability, but the shelter does have a capacity limit which is based on the care facility space and the amount of workers it has.

Those interested in helping adopt an animal or foster a cat can head to the following link, Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter.