LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s not too late for you to vote for a name for a female bongo calf at Potter Park Zoo.

The unnamed bongo’s birth is the first bongo birth to occur at Potter Park Zoo since 2014.

She was born at the zoo on March 8, to parents Maverick and Uzuri.

According to Potter Park Zoo, bongos are one of the largest members of the antelope family, standing up to four feet tall and measuring eight feet in length.

Only 100 eastern bongos are believed to still be in the wild, as the animals are often targeted for hunting and poaching.

As of Friday afternoon, the name Zahara is in the lead for the little lady.

Voting ends at 11 p.m. Friday with one vote counting per each $5 donation made to the Zoo.

Want to stay updated on any potential changes in the naming of the calf? Click here.