LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Say “No” to drugs. A simple message that was shared Thursday on the state capital lawn.

More than 80 organizations came together for an annual anti-drug abuse rally.

In 2021 more than 106,000 people died from overdoses in the U.S. That is more deaths than caused by car crashes, gunshots, or AIDS.

“I need to give back to this community and help. If I can help just one person that’s my goal,” said Dana Snyder, board member for Amber Reineck House.

People in recovery come from all walks of life.

“My personal struggles with addiction is I deal with alcoholism. I have on and off for the last eight years,” said attendee Ron Bancroft,

Some have lost loved ones.

“I lost my 31-year-old son Justin Davis to addiction,” said Snyder.

Some are looking to make legislative changes.

“Just over six years ago, almost seven years ago my mom died from addiction. She was addicted to alcohol and tobacco,” said State Rep. Carrie Rheingans.

United to Face Addiction hosted the event.

“We do it on a Thursday because the legislature is in session so they have to walk through everything,” said co-founder Scott Maci.

With the goal of educating lawmakers and others about not only the dangers of drugs
But that addiction can happen to anyone.

“I don’t like that stigma because he wasn’t just somebody on the corner that you call a junkie. And there have been babies dying from fentanyl and teenagers. They’re not just somebody on the corner it’s some bodies loved one,” said Snyder.