EATON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — People found letters at Westwind Townhomes on Saturday, letters with anti-Semitic remarks on them.

But at the bottom of the page, it had a QR code that took people to a website filled with hate speech.

The letters were found in plastic bags being weighed down by coffee beans so that they wouldn’t blow away.

Dr. Matthew Kaufman is a rabbi with the Congregation Kehillat Israel in Lansing, and he was stressed to hear about the hate speech.

“We feel very secure in this town but we remain vigilant,” said Kaufman. “Stressed to hear about the anti-Semitic propaganda being dispensed and this is not anything new for us to hear, unfortunately. We feel very secure in this town but we remain vigilant.”

If you or anyone has any information on this incident please contact the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office.