LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Lansing Fire Department was called to an apartment fire Tuesday morning around 8 at the corner of Capitol and Madison near Saginaw.

When firefighters arrived they could see flames and smoke coming from the building. This apartment building has four units, of which two were occupied.

The fire department said no one was injured but three people were displaced. At this time there is no cause of this fire and it is not known yet if the building will be red-tagged due to damage.

“They’re still shook up. Neither one of them had been in a fire before so it has been sort of traumatizing for them,” Lacino Hamilton said, who’s a family member of some of the tenants affected by the fire.

“We got an alarm for a major structure fire at 801 North Capitol today which was a four unit apartment building with smoke showing,” Jared Nisch said, who’s an inspector for the Fire Marshal Division with the City of Lansing.

Nisch said that early indications point to a couple of ignition sources, which is why they’ve classified the cause as an accidental fire, which they said appears to have started in a bedroom.

“We do know that one of the residents saw some smoke, heard some crackling and went and informed the other occupied apartment that there was a fire and helped evacuate the other person,” Nisch said.

Other witnesses had a similar story.

“My cousin needs a walker to walk. And without it, he made it to the back door to try to get the neighbor out,” Hamilton said.