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Appeals court agrees to review Nassar sentence


The Michigan Court of Appeals says it will review the case of Larry Nassar to see whether he’s entitled to have his sentence reviewed.

Nassar’s attorneys say the court will also consider whether the judge who sentenced him was biased when she handed down his sentence and whether she should have disqualified herself when hearing his petition for resentencing.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced Nassar to between 40 and 175 years in January. That’s after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a handful of women under the guise of treatment.

But in a hearing that caught the attention of the nation, Judge Aquilina allowed anyone who said they’d been victimized by Nassar to come forward. 

More than 150 women and girls did so in an event that took more than a week. The women included nationally known women, including Olympic gold medalists, who had been treated by Nassar over a span of 20 years. The number of victims who have come forward since has more than doubled.

“We are pleased that the cases have moved along to the next step toward an ultimate
determination of whether the judges followed the law in imposing sentences in these cases,” said the Michigan’s State Appellate Defender Office, which is now representing Nassar, in a press release.

“While no one should be above the law in our country it is also important for us to remember that no one should be beneath the law either. It is in the most difficult cases that we must be especially vigilant to ensure that the rule of law prevails,” they said.

Aquilina turned down a request to review Nassar’s sentence in a hearing this summer.

Nassar is currently in federal prison after pleading guilty to child porn charges. He’s being held at a prison in Florida. He won’t start serving his Michigan sentence until he’s done with his 60 year federal sentence.

Federal records show he’s not set for release until 2069, when Nassar will be around 106-years-old.

A spokeperson for the Michigan Attorney General’s office, which prosecutor Nassar, released a statement late this afternoon saying “While Nassar is entitled to the judicial process, the continued appeals and attention he receives as a result continue to revictimize the survivors of the assaults for which he pleaded guilty.”

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