DUBAI, SA, (WLNS) – A car company in Dubai debuted its first flying car to the public on Monday with a 90-minute test flight.

X-Peng officials say, the vehicles have zero carbon dioxide emissions and are equipped with a flight control system and autonomous flight capabilities.

The fifth-generation flying car was independently developed and manufactured by the company, which is the largest flying car company in Asia.

It’s built to be suitable for low-altitude city flights and short-distance journeys made for sightseeing and medical transportation.

In other tech news, the latest trend in saving the planet is a tasty one.

Worldwide companies are making straws, cups and even utensils that are edible.

Boston-area company “Edibles by Jack” flavors their spoons in 18 different flavors.

In addition, other brands around the world are launching their own innovative ways to “bite the utensil that feeds you” including spoons and sporks with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, oregano-chili and black pepper.